About the Online Paid Public Speaker Course

This is a 5+ hour course by Bill O'Hanlon. It offers audio and visual lessons on everything you need to know to get started in a paid speaking career or expand beyond where you are now in your speaking career. You could be earning thousands of dollars a day as a speaker if you learn the insider secrets. Bill has coached many people to that level through the years in his live intensive Speakers' Boot Camps, but now you can have access to the same material at a much lower cost and without travel costs. Plus you can have access to the course whenever it is convenient for you and go over the material again and again.

Bill, who makes a full-time living doing public speaking, will teach you:

  • How to give compelling and engaging presentations and talks that will get you invited back again and again
  • How to get hired
  • How to set your fees
  • How to create a solid speaking contract
  • How to work up to getting paid thousands of dollars per speech or workshop
  • How to locate sponsors or people to hire you
  • How to focus your topic
  • The formula for successful titles and subtitles for talks and workshops
  • How to overcome any fears about speaking
  • How to demystify and use speaking technology (slides, microphones, sound out of computers, and so on)
  • How to create great handouts and slides
  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes new speakers make

In addition, the course offers bonuses worth hundreds of dollars:
  • A $50 e-book on "How to Become a Paid Public Speaker"
  • A sample speaking contract
  • A list of potential sponsors
  • Worksheets to make specific and concrete plans to get going on enhancing or starting your paid speaking career

Bonus online instruction on:
  • How to Use the Web easily and Inexpensively as a Speaker to Build Your Reputation and Get Hired
  • Innovative and Easy Ways to Supplement Your Income as a Speaker

Try the sample lesson by clicking on the tab to the left entitled "Sample the Course" to get a sense of it and whether it is for you.

If it is, get instant access to the course and the bonus material by clicking the Add to Cart button below. You will have access to the online course for 3 months, plenty of time to absorb all its lessons and go over it again and again.

Price: $250

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Here's a comment by a recent participant in the online course:
Hi Bill,
I want to thank you for the “Paid public speaker” on-line course that I just finished. It has been VERY useful to me.
I’ve been teaching Ericksonian hypnosis latest 6-7 years (sponsored most of cases by myself) and it has been a hard job …until now…that I found out what happened to me (my weak points). Now I’m preparing new workshops (“Coaching with Trance”) and I have a lot of new ideas to do with my website.
Thank you very much.
My best wishes, 
Alex Santos
Barcelona, Spain